Breaking Online Status

about 1 month

Status is a pervasive element in our society, and affects our online social media interactions significantly. Obsession with status, a zero sum game, leads obsessors to feelings of insignificanc...

Programmer vs Engineer

4 months

Lately I've been diving deep into the fundamentals. One thing I was quite interested in, was the underlying architecture of Git. I didn't understand was quite how Git stored information. T...

Perception of Time

4 months

Lately I've been thinking about how people perceive time. There are a few things that will change how you perceive time. <ul> <li>Boredom</li> <li>Public Speaking</li> <li>Pain</li> ...

Frustrations and Programming

4 months

The most frustrated I get when I'm programming is when I focus on the outcome, and not the process. You can learn how to program by focusing on the outcome. But I think the truly excellent progr...

A Brief Deconstruction of Meaning in Genesis 1:1

5 months

Here, I will systematically breakdown the first scripture in the book of Genesis. I've always had a fascination with this scripture, and I want to deconstruct and attempt to understand all of the k...

Big Mistake I made

5 months

One of the biggest mistakes I've made is taking myself to seriously. I've always wanted to start my own business, but I was always too scared to shoulder personal responsibility for it. Be le...

Resources for Finding Open Source Projects

5 months

A few great websites for finding open source projects to contribute towards: <a href="">First Timers Only</a> This is a great way to just get started. Follow th...

Pointing your Bluehost Domain to a Heroku App

5 months

The other day I had some difficulty assigning my bluehost domain name to my heroku account for this website. I thought I would detail the process here. <ul> <li>Sign in</li> <li>Go to domain...

Funny Story from Midrash

5 months

A story I read recently in a book about the Midrash discussed the Jewish view of the Word of God. It was quite humorous and very plainly demonstrated the necessity of viewing the law from a strictl...

Hello World

5 months

This is my first blog post! Welcome to my blog! Many interesting things will soon be posted on here.

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