Funny Story from Midrash

3 days

A story I read recently in a book about the Midrash discussed the Jewish view of the Word of God. It was quite humorous and very plainly demonstrated the necessity of viewing the law from a strictly biblical sense. It is as follows, On that day, Rabbi Eliezer brought them all sorts of proofs, but they were rejected. Said he to them: "If the law is as I say, may the carob tree prove it." The ca...

Basic Observations on Social Structure

3 days

In our current societal structure, nihilism and feminism run rampant. What does it mean to have the two most identifiable identity structures as destruction focused concepts? Nihilism is the destruction of the ideal. Feminism is the destruction of the ‘male patriarchy’. These two have combined to destroy any remaining aspect of the idealism of man, while feminism has been marketed to thi...

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