9/24/2018 - Blog

1 day

I've been at Iterate Marketing for almost 2 months now. Shaheen, the chill SEO guy, just quit last Friday, while I was out on challenge trip. (best one yet). I came back and it was as if all the en...

Brain Dump

9 days

Biblical Literalism and the Lindy Effect Literalists dont abide literally, and are too academic Abstraction of certain ideals what you dont understand isn't stupid --- what you don't underst...

Signal Phrases of Potentially Undervalued Truths

9 days

"That's not possible." "That's insane." "This can't be correct." "This is ridiculous." "This doesn't make sense." All these phrases are our initial reaction when we run into an under...

Opportunities and Stigma

12 days

I saw someone say the other day, (paraphrasing) "Community college shouldn't be stigmatized. They're great and affordable." (Relative to other colleges) Stigma functions as an opportunity signal...

Thought Process

13 days

Do you live in the end of history or the beginning of the future? If you live at the end of history, all ideas have been discovered, everything is great and we just need to listen to orthodoxy. ...

Risk and Entrepreneurs

20 days

People think entrepreneurs like to take a low amount of high risk attempts. Entrepreneurs like to take a large amount of low risk attempts. This makes them antifragile.

Breaking Online Status

2 months

Status is a pervasive element in our society, and affects our online social media interactions significantly. Obsession with status, a zero sum game, leads obsessors to feelings of insignificanc...

Programmer vs Engineer

6 months

Lately I've been diving deep into the fundamentals. One thing I was quite interested in, was the underlying architecture of Git. I didn't understand was quite how Git stored information. T...

Perception of Time

6 months

Lately I've been thinking about how people perceive time. There are a few things that will change how you perceive time. <ul> <li>Boredom</li> <li>Public Speaking</li> <li>Pain</li> ...

Frustrations and Programming

6 months

The most frustrated I get when I'm programming is when I focus on the outcome, and not the process. You can learn how to program by focusing on the outcome. But I think the truly excellent progr...

A Brief Deconstruction of Meaning in Genesis 1:1

6 months

Here, I will systematically breakdown the first scripture in the book of Genesis. I've always had a fascination with this scripture, and I want to deconstruct and attempt to understand all of the k...

Big Mistake I made

6 months

One of the biggest mistakes I've made is taking myself to seriously. I've always wanted to start my own business, but I was always too scared to shoulder personal responsibility for it. Be le...

Resources for Finding Open Source Projects

6 months

A few great websites for finding open source projects to contribute towards: <a href="http://www.firsttimersonly.com/">First Timers Only</a> This is a great way to just get started. Follow th...

Pointing your Bluehost Domain to a Heroku App

6 months

The other day I had some difficulty assigning my bluehost domain name to my heroku account for this website. I thought I would detail the process here. <ul> <li>Sign in</li> <li>Go to domain...

Funny Story from Midrash

6 months

A story I read recently in a book about the Midrash discussed the Jewish view of the Word of God. It was quite humorous and very plainly demonstrated the necessity of viewing the law from a strictl...

Hello World

6 months

This is my first blog post! Welcome to my blog! Many interesting things will soon be posted on here.

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