Perception of Time

Written 6 months ago

Lately I've been thinking about how people perceive time.

There are a few things that will change how you perceive time.

  • Boredom
  • Public Speaking
  • Pain
  • Enjoyment

I'm curious to hear what you think changes perception of time.

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4 months ago

I agree with you. Time is most frequently measured when you are getting ready for your next phase in life. I note that when I am in a public speaking forum, my sense of time slows down to the point where I can hear my heart beat. Perhaps its adrenaline, perhaps excitement. I definitely agree with you on this one for all the above mentioned: enjoyment, pain, public speaking and boredom. Add to that patience or anticipation of what is to come. Time...

Maggie 4 months ago

I just wrote that last comment, I forgot to add my name.

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