Idiots should stay away from jQuery

Consider this one of my first real lessons of writing code. Idiots should stay away from jQuery.

I’m sure by this time in internet history this is well documented phenomenon.

I got a job, wrote a bunch of form validation in jQuery like an idiot. No functions, just purely procedural. Now I have to clean it up. It’s gross, disgusting, and disturbing.

I knew I was an idiot. (Still am, in many aspects.) But jQuery makes it’s insanely easy for idiots like me to write horrible code.

If you write code in Javascript, at least you begin to think “Huh, I should break this into functions”. This doesn’t exist in jQuery, because of callback structure. It encourages you to write twisty ugly code, that will be the bane of your existence later.

jQuery is NOT for idiots. If you are an idiot, please do not write jQuery. You will regret it later. Use ES6, or plain old JavaScript.

Also, learn to write code and some programming patterns.

The Problem with Scientificism

In college, I asked a professor if there was any way to improve the scientific method. She laughed and told me of course not.

Perhaps we should recognize that there are limits on this method, and that is this – you can only “know” things which you can observe. By nature, this leaves out a huge portion of reality.

By operating solely by this concept, we can realize that there is a huge portion of knowledge that cannot be attained, simply because we cannot observe it.

There are limits on the scientific method, by the very essence of it being a method. If it is all inclusive, there is no way to accurately evaluate knowledge or information. By placing a filter on it, we are able to accurately sift through a small portion of nature (like physics, mathematics, chemistry).

But, we cannot even begin to figure out extremely complicated systems, like psychology, philosophy or spiritual questions.

Do PhD’s erode knowledge?

With the replication crisis, maybe we should be asking if PhD’s actually erode knowledge? It seems that attaching status to the pursuit of knowledge, corrupts the end result, which is meaningful research.

With the publication of meaningless fluff, it serves to obfuscate the truth. The result in greater uncertainty, and less overall sure knowledge.

At least it appears that way to me.