Bitcoin Prep Work: If I’d Known What We Were Starting

What I Read

In this version of Bitcoin Prep Work, I read Ray Dillinger’s: If I’d Known What We Were Starting.


I’ve read this before, recently actually. It was great to re-read it. You can sense the admiration Ray has for Satoshi. He brings out, in great lengths, the characteristics of Satoshi and how it hasn’t been replicated since.

The un-scammy nature of Satoshi should have set a standard for the entire space, but many people ended up seeing Bitcoin & Blockchain as a get rich quick scheme, and still do.

It’s really exciting to read something through the lens of someone who has been in the Bitcoin space since the beginning. It gave me an interesting perspective on Satoshi, but it seems like Ray is a bit regretful of the whole experience, because of the abuse, but understands that it is a function of human nature.

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