Bitcoin Project #1: Testnet Wallet

So, I will be the first to admit that in this journey of learning about Bitcoin, I have sorta been all over the place. Going from reading books, to reading documentation, to reading articles, to trying to hack something together, to failing, to reading, back to hacking, back to failing, on and on.

This time, I am setting an actual project for myself though. I am going to build a testnet wallet from scratch.

This will be a seriously difficult exercise for me. I am aware. I am giving myself until the end of January to build a BAD bitcoin testnet wallet.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Generate and store private key
  • Generate and store addresses
  • Delete addresses on user request
  • Delete private keys on user request
  • Send transactions to other addresses
  • Initial block download
  • Restore from Mneonmic
  • Labels and user management

For me, this is a massive undertaking. All I know right now, is how to generate addresses.

I figure, if I can hack this together in a month + 9 days, I can be considered a bad bitcoin developer. If I can be considered any sort of a Bitcoin developer, that is a WIN in my book.

I will try and report daily progress. I won’t make daily progress, but I definitely will make an effort.

This next week is critical for me since it is Christmas week, and I took the entire week off, so I can spend extra time to read, study, learn and build.

Let’s go!

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