Grokking Bitcoin Review: Chapter 1


I bought Grokking Bitcoin because I saw it was recommended by someone (Luke Dashjr?) on twitter. I thought it would be a good add to my library, especially since I don’t know a lot about Bitcoin yet (comparatively). It’s my goal to become a Bitcoin developer, and I’m hungry to learn more.

The first chapter covers these topics:

  • What is Bitcoin
  • The Big Picture (Transaction Protocol basically)
  • The Bitcoin Approach (Benefits of using Bitcoin)
  • How is Bitcoin used?

Review of Chapter 1

The first chapter is very basic, and very straightforward. I felt like I followed it quite easily, and it went over a lot of the stuff I knew already.

The most informative thing in chapter 1, I felt, was the discussion of the network and how payments are propagated. I had a somewhat fuzzy understanding of how it worked, and the book gave me good visual examples, which made me more comfortable with how it worked.

My biggest learning from chapter 1 was that invalid transactions were dropped immediately at the first node they were deemed invalid. This surprised me, as I didn’t know or think of this before.

I thought the description of how block propagate the network was a little disingenuous, but overall correct. Since this is just chapter 1, you don’t need to explain everything in depth, just give a good overview and explain it better later. I just thought the overview was a little lacking.

Reading chapter 2 and will post my review next.

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