Childhood, Adulthood, The Loop

When you think about the contrast between childhood and adulthood, the most apparent one is the explicit memory of pure joy and the carefree nature you embodied as a kid.

What were your goals as a kid? If you had them, you were probably a bit non-traditional, and considered to have a “head-start” on life. If you were more carefree and less-forward thinking, you had a lot of great moments.

Standard adulthood seems to be straightforward and grueling. Pick your career. This has a high amount of influence on your general perception and linked to your status. You then work to gradually and slowly increase it (status), adding in responsibilities like marriage, kids, and a house while you are moving forward.

Adulthood seems grueling, but it comes with leverage – you are taken seriously and if you are bold enough, you can do anything you want.

Most people just sit back and let life come at them. This is very easy to do, and almost understandable. Work is tough and stressful. But if you never work hard, both on and off the clock, leverage whatever advantages you have, then you’ll always be on loop.

On The Loop

Your time on the loop is relative to the amount of status you’ve gathered in your circles and responsibilities you’ve acquired. If you have a very busy and demanding job, you are almost always on the loop.

Off The Loop

When you are able to do the things you truly want to do, create and produce whatever you truly desire. You’re driven by creativity, not deadlines.

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