More Thoughts on College

College sucks your soul from your body, convinces you that because you for your diploma you can be properly accepted into society. If they are lucky, they’ll convince you that you need to send your children to the same campus, and you must raise them rooting for this college, giving as much allegiance in the form of tickets, time and donations as possible. In return, you may have a small plaque engraved with your name.

The best case scenario is you are left believing all risk is unacceptable. You must send your children to college, in order to save them from the evils of life without a college degree. Salvation is only found in tens of thousands of dollars, and a certificate. Do not risk the futures of your beautiful children, or yourself. You must pay for classes you do not use, listen to professors you do not like, be tested on things that nobody knows and when you are sufficiently whipped and cleansed of any creativity or desire to be a non-conformist, only then will you be saved. Social acceptance is what you must strive for.

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