Please Oppress Me

Men need a master, and they choose it readily.

Many marry early, choosing a woman too quickly. Or they indulge themselves in a life of plenty, thinking little of the days ahead and consuming much now, only to be smacked later.

Others pick social status. They broadcast their identity throughout their life, easily and readily to anyone who will hear, oppressed by the idea of what others think of them and where they rank.

Few choose chastity, a lifelong devotion to God. Still, the man of God is oppressed by his sin and lack of devotion, as his focus is to remain upward.

Many more will choose ideology, reading and listening to their leaders and high priests, eagerly consuming the words from their gods mouths. “Look how well I listen”, they cry out.

The silliest of them all is the rebel, who is defined only by his environment. He is a boy, immaturely rejecting any embraced aspects of society, and running the other way. He exists only by the presence of others, a character with no identity outside of his habitat.

How do I escape this life? Must I choose an oppressor?

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