Reject Status, Embrace Strangeness

The happiest and most fulfilled I ever felt, was working 20/hrs a week at a burrito stand and spending the rest of my time programming.

I would love a little bit of oppression, mixed with a carefree attitude to pursue what I want from life.

My job takes all my effort, all my focus, and all my energy. There is nothing left, after the week is finished.

I am so worn out and tired.

I’m torn about leaving though. There’s so much I like and so much I dislike.

Should I prioritize myself over my career? Should my future self, come before my present self?

I gain much in the future, from continuing in this job. I feel as if I lose myself, as I continue in this job.

The greatest gains I’ve had, have come through an embracement of counter-cultural ideals and beliefs. If I rub the lamp, will I find the genie again?

I am at war with myself. I am torn. What should I choose?

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