The Narrative Trap

We think of our life as a narrative. It’s easy to write a story about ourselves.

But our life is not a narrative.

When we get too committed to our narrative we make bad decisions, because we mistook our story for a fortune telling.

If you write a story with your life, you’re doing it wrong.

If you run after created narratives (think Steve Jobs), in order to become a hero, you’re doing it wrong.

Becoming your hero does not mean mindlessly copying them.

Your hero exists because what they do is a natural extension of themselves.

So, become like your hero.

Pursue the things you love. Pursue the things you are naturally attracted towards. If you are like your hero, you will excel and be deemed worthy of hero status.

The narrative trap is baited with delusion mixed with inspiration. It produces confusion with anyone it entraps.

Choose creation and self-expression. You’ll be much happier.

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