9/24/2018 - Blog

Written 7 months ago

I've been at Iterate Marketing for almost 2 months now. Shaheen, the chill SEO guy, just quit last Friday, while I was out on challenge trip. (best one yet). I came back and it was as if all the energy was sucked out of the room.

My favorite thing on the internet lately has been going through jwz.org's blog. I love the way his blog feels. Random links to other entries in the blog, backgrounds that don't match and are super weird. My favorite blog post I've read is -> https://www.jwz.org/gruntle/nscpdorm.html

At work, I'm currently getting design stuff done for Versalogic, just finished writing this landing page today http://www.pacificpremiergroup.com/media/ and I think I should start a blog, similar to "programtheblockchain.com" but for WordPress.

I need to start dropshipping and scale my income higher. I think the mistake most people make is saving. Saving is boring. Investing is for dummies. What you should do is build a business. I haven't done this yet, because I'm way too hyperactive and can never stick to 1 idea longer than a the time it takes for me to write it down. This time things will be different though, right?

I hate travelling to work (traffic), but I love staying late and writing code (no traffic on the way home). Very theraputic to sit there, yell at my code, and not worry about whatever anyone else is thinking about me. Very freeing.

I'm finishing the audio book, "Caesar". It's a beast. 24 hrs long. I'll finish it tomorrow, if not tonight. Very excited about that!

My room is a mess. I just walked my dog. I'm almost finished with the videos for the preaching stuff, I need to finish preaching and read my bible.

Paid tithes.

Ate thai for lunch, pizza for dinner with starbucks at work.

I need to figure out my ticketing situation. I hate the government and their cameras, watching you to make a mistake. If you want to ticket me, be a man and send out a cop car. Don't have cameras, like a despotic government (sup china?). The people's republic of beaverton, amirite?

Sometimes I feel very trapped when I check toggle. I think the overdramatic version of myself sighs and asks, "How many more hours do I owe my master this week?"

Slavery is a very interesting subject, and I know Nietzsche greatly despised Christianity because of its "slave mentality" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_Friedrich_Nietzsche#Christianity_and_morality). I think that slave mentality is a strange twist on nihilism, but a favorable one. We are all enslaved by the nature of reality, and punishment of consciousness. We can do nothing meaningful without sacrifice, and if we wish to do nothing, we will perish. We can be freed, through death or through an acceptance of this reality and a decision to attempt to rise above. Though, I am probably completely misunderstanding Nietzsche and probably my argument is deeply flawed.

I want to buy a ".ly" domain. Preferably 666.ly or devil.ly. I think itd be hilarious.

PS - read a very interesting article about NIKE today. The dude who founded NIKE is supporting the Oregon GOP candidate for governor. Article talked about (low res conclusion) how corporations use social signaling (that verbage wasn't used, but described) in order to move product that appealed to its demographic. Companies don't care about you. They care about manipulating you, and are very good at it.