Pointing your Bluehost Domain to a Heroku App

Written about 1 year ago

The other day I had some difficulty assigning my bluehost domain name to my heroku account for this website. I thought I would detail the process here.

  • Sign in
  • Go to domains
  • Unassign the selected domain
  • Go to zone editor, and select your domain from the dropdown menu.
  • Delete any previously created records.
  • Go to heroku, click your app, go to settings, and add a domain.
  • Copy the DNS target, return to zone editor.

In zone editor, enter the following in the fields:

  • Host Record: @
  • TTL: 0, or leave it at 14400 (This just means Time Till Live in seconds)
  • Type: A
  • Points To: Paste the DNS target that heroku gave you.

And you’re done! Congrats!

I will add pictures for this later.