Resources for Finding Open Source Projects

Written about 1 year ago

A few great websites for finding open source projects to contribute towards:

First Timers Only

This is a great way to just get started. Follow the instructions, and you'll learn the basics of contributing. Look for me in there! Samuel-Pedraza is my github name.

Open Source Rails

Is a good place to find open source projects in Rails. I was surprised to find the decentralized project, Diaspora, was written in Rails.

Open Source Guide

Open Source Guide is a good way to get familiar with the general structure of how open source projects are built.

Github Explore

Sorts by general topics, and what is trending. Cool.

Open Source Friday

This website has the same structure as, and I think it is by the same people. If you need help with your project, or want to build a one-off, this is a good place to look.

Your First PR

Keeps a list of starter issues to contribute to for first timers, or people who are little nervous to contribute.

Code Triage

I didn't like this one as much, because it seems like it just grabs the projects with the most issues. This isn't necessarily indicative of projects that your help, and because they are so popular, it is likely that they already are beginning to solve them. Still a good place to go, at least to check out.

Up For Grabs

This is the one I use the most. It has a little search bar that you can use to sort by languages, and shows the amount of issues, and how they're tagged.