Progressivism, Because Conservatism Failed

Recently I watched “The Two Popes” on Netflix. While it was refreshing to consume media with a spiritual wrapping, the underbelly of the movie seemed to say, “Progressivism is Enlightment”.

This is not an unpopular refrain, in fact, perhaps a bit tired one, to be frank. The idea that “Progressivism” will save us, shows up in social debates about gender, environmental concerns, and political expression.

I think the reason for this, is that conservatism has so deeply failed us.

We tried conservatism, in the form of the Drug War. We were fed that drugs (marijuana) would destroy families and homes. So, those that disobey must be punished. This was the African American communities, the addicts and anyone else who dared to disobey.

The result was nothing. We’ve gained nothing from the Drug War, except the idea that government enforced conservatism is failure.

We also tried conservative flavored war. Following the attacks of 9/11, the government decided that they need to know everything, so that they can protect us. The Patriot Act soon followed, with invasions into the Middle East.

No one knows why we are there. No one knows what we hope to accomplish. No one knows when we will accomplish it. We’ve eroded our own freedoms in the process. But, here we are.

Now, this isn’t a screed against conservatism. This isn’t a sermon praising Progressivism. Progressivism will soon fall, just like its father, Conservatism, as they both rely heavily on the greatest deception of all, Trust In Government.

Our belief in ourselves and the individuals around us, eroded sometime after our belief in God. Now the only thing that has power, seems to be the government, and so in it, we place all power.

Our church-led rituals and personal self-affirmations are replaced by voting and arguments over who the “chosen-one” is to lead (who we only choose through self-identity).

We believe these individuals, once properly ascended on-high, will be endued with power to set everything right, as it should be. We live vicariously through them, knowing that their victory, is our victory; their rule is our rule, only to be betrayed when we realize they are self-actualized beings, fallible in all manners.

The current system loves progressive narratives. We shouldn’t blame it. It used to love conservative narratives, until they failed us.

When progressivism fails, we will not re-examine ourselves. Instead, it will be time to embrace a new story, a new doctrine and a new savior.

Ephesians 4:14) That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

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