E-commerce Project: Hacking Design

I am currently in the middle of building an E-commerce store with WordPress in my downtime/free time.

The first aspect I wanted to tackle was the design. I think most people think of design as a carefully crafted PSD, with a specific mobile design, and RGBA and beautifully selected fonts.

The problem with this approach is that is requires way too much time and money. I am not a designer. I am a developer primarily (and I do project management in addition to my job). So, we will have to work around this limitation.

Step 1: Determine colors

I went to coolors.co, and generated five colors. I might not need all five colors, and I can easily change them later, if I find that they don’t work.

Step 2: Determine Theme Design

This step was simple: Just google “E-commerce themes”.

I ended up finding this E-commerce theme from Shopify that I liked. I’ll borrow a lot of aspects from this design, including header and footer and simple approach to design. The color palette I generated earlier, I will use sparingly as highlights, using primarily the light green and light blue.

Step 3: Find a Logo

Because my website is called “Awesome Bamboo” for products made out of Bamboo, I will simply google “Icons for Bamboo”, “Bamboo logos”, “logos to use for bamboo”, until I found this one.

I liked this one the most. It was very simple and went with some of my colors. If I regenerate colors later, I’ll use this as a guide.

And that’s my guide to “Hacking Design” for a basic E-commerce project. Next up, I will talk about my tech stack, and show maybe the first page I built.

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