I Cannot Find Bitcoin.conf

So I struggled with this for a while — I installed Bitcoin on a linux instance by cloning the Github repository, and running

./bitcoind -daemon -pruned=550

The only problem I found, was that I could not find Bitcoin.conf. Turns out, that sometimes bitcoind will just run without it, so you can go ahead and create it. Who knew!

From this answer on Stack Overflow

The configuration file is definitely in $HOME/.bitcoin/. If you cannot see it, the most likely explanation is that you have not created it. Just use your favorite text editor to do so. As far as I can tell, bitcoind -daemon will run without bitcoin.conf being present and you will still get the message ‘Using config file /home/user/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf’ in debug.log even when no file exists.

Sven Williamson

Next, you can go ahead and create the bitcoin.conf file in the ~/.bitcoin/ path.

Use vim to edit the file, and follow this answer from Stack Overflow.

I was having the same problem and just managed to fix it now. Since the file bitcoin.conf does not exist inside ~/.bitcoin, Just create one.
Here’s what did:
vi ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
Enter letter ‘a’ (to edit the file). Then type:
Press the ESC key, and press ZZ to exit vi
Apparently the password that bitcoind started with is (for one reason or the other) different from the one you are trying. (i also have a feeling that bitcoind misbehaves like that because no password was defined; since there was no bitcoin.conf)
Now, even though you have changed the password, it will NOT be effective until bitcoind has been re-started. But since it won’t even accept the stop command (./bitcoin-cli stop) due to the authentication issue; You will need to kill the process, and restart bitcoind. It will work fine afterwards:
pkill -9 -f bitcoind
./bitcoind -daemon
Hope this is helpful


Finally, you can configure your bitcoin.conf file correctly. I found this article and copied and pasted the following code:

# Expose the RPC/JSON API server=1 rpcbind= YOUR VPS IP ADDRESS HERE rpcallowip= YOUR IP ADDRESS HERE rpcport=8332 rpcuser=USER rpcpassword=PASSWORD

It wasn’t working after this, and I didn’t know why. My issue was that I had mistyped the port in my code.

You can query the bitcoin blockchain now from your local machine by following this guide and configuring as you need.

Reject Status, Embrace Strangeness

The happiest and most fulfilled I ever felt, was working 20/hrs a week at a burrito stand and spending the rest of my time programming.

I would love a little bit of oppression, mixed with a carefree attitude to pursue what I want from life.

My job takes all my effort, all my focus, and all my energy. There is nothing left, after the week is finished.

I am so worn out and tired.

I’m torn about leaving though. There’s so much I like and so much I dislike.

Should I prioritize myself over my career? Should my future self, come before my present self?

I gain much in the future, from continuing in this job. I feel as if I lose myself, as I continue in this job.

The greatest gains I’ve had, have come through an embracement of counter-cultural ideals and beliefs. If I rub the lamp, will I find the genie again?

I am at war with myself. I am torn. What should I choose?

Please Oppress Me

Men need a master, and they choose it readily.

Many marry early, choosing a woman too quickly. Or they indulge themselves in a life of plenty, thinking little of the days ahead and consuming much now, only to be smacked later.

Others pick social status. They broadcast their identity throughout their life, easily and readily to anyone who will hear, oppressed by the idea of what others think of them and where they rank.

Few choose chastity, a lifelong devotion to God. Still, the man of God is oppressed by his sin and lack of devotion, as his focus is to remain upward.

Many more will choose ideology, reading and listening to their leaders and high priests, eagerly consuming the words from their gods mouths. “Look how well I listen”, they cry out.

The silliest of them all is the rebel, who is defined only by his environment. He is a boy, immaturely rejecting any embraced aspects of society, and running the other way. He exists only by the presence of others, a character with no identity outside of his habitat.

How do I escape this life? Must I choose an oppressor?

Childhood, Adulthood, The Loop

When you think about the contrast between childhood and adulthood, the most apparent one is the explicit memory of pure joy and the carefree nature you embodied as a kid.

What were your goals as a kid? If you had them, you were probably a bit non-traditional, and considered to have a “head-start” on life. If you were more carefree and less-forward thinking, you had a lot of great moments.

Standard adulthood seems to be straightforward and grueling. Pick your career. This has a high amount of influence on your general perception and linked to your status. You then work to gradually and slowly increase it (status), adding in responsibilities like marriage, kids, and a house while you are moving forward.

Adulthood seems grueling, but it comes with leverage – you are taken seriously and if you are bold enough, you can do anything you want.

Most people just sit back and let life come at them. This is very easy to do, and almost understandable. Work is tough and stressful. But if you never work hard, both on and off the clock, leverage whatever advantages you have, then you’ll always be on loop.

On The Loop

Your time on the loop is relative to the amount of status you’ve gathered in your circles and responsibilities you’ve acquired. If you have a very busy and demanding job, you are almost always on the loop.

Off The Loop

When you are able to do the things you truly want to do, create and produce whatever you truly desire. You’re driven by creativity, not deadlines.

Bitcoin is

Bitcoin is a hedge vs overengineering and giant centers of authoritarian control.

Bitcoin is a bad bet, until it becomes the ideal bet.

Bitcoin is a bet that localism wins in the long-run and preparing an infrastructure where localism can thrive.

E-commerce Project: Hacking Design

I am currently in the middle of building an E-commerce store with WordPress in my downtime/free time.

The first aspect I wanted to tackle was the design. I think most people think of design as a carefully crafted PSD, with a specific mobile design, and RGBA and beautifully selected fonts.

The problem with this approach is that is requires way too much time and money. I am not a designer. I am a developer primarily (and I do project management in addition to my job). So, we will have to work around this limitation.

Step 1: Determine colors

I went to coolors.co, and generated five colors. I might not need all five colors, and I can easily change them later, if I find that they don’t work.

Step 2: Determine Theme Design

This step was simple: Just google “E-commerce themes”.

I ended up finding this E-commerce theme from Shopify that I liked. I’ll borrow a lot of aspects from this design, including header and footer and simple approach to design. The color palette I generated earlier, I will use sparingly as highlights, using primarily the light green and light blue.

Step 3: Find a Logo

Because my website is called “Awesome Bamboo” for products made out of Bamboo, I will simply google “Icons for Bamboo”, “Bamboo logos”, “logos to use for bamboo”, until I found this one.

I liked this one the most. It was very simple and went with some of my colors. If I regenerate colors later, I’ll use this as a guide.

And that’s my guide to “Hacking Design” for a basic E-commerce project. Next up, I will talk about my tech stack, and show maybe the first page I built.