Welcome to my website. I publish a lot of my thoughts here and use it as a creativity outlet.

About Sam in 10 Seconds:

I am a college dropout, self-taught web developer, and current project manager/tech lead at Iterate Marketing.

I am a licensed minister with the UPCI. I write a ton of stuff here. Usually whatever is on my brain, I will mash up into a quick, un-edited blog post.

My Current Projects

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of Bitcoin related development.

I setup a bitcoin node on a VPS. I built this basic web app that queries the node on page load, and gets the statistics about the latest blocks.

I write a lot about Bitcoin. If you want to read my most recent articles, guides or thoughts, here are the three latest blog posts I’ve written:

Or check out the entire catalog of Bitcoin related blog posts here.

Learn More About Me

If you’re interested in reading my resume, click here.

My Github is located here.

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